Q: What does “Got ‘Em Coach” mean?

A: When I was 16 years old, I played on an AAU basketball team with a SF/PF from Libbey High School named Deon Johnson.  One day, at practice, he changed my life. 

Deon caught the ball on the wing, and I found myself guarding him on a switch.  He beat me easily to the lane, but I recovered, took the angle and went for the block with my left hand.  Deon stopped on a dime, let me fly right by, and spun back to his strong left hand. 

Before I hit the floor, and before he took the shot, Deon yelled back to our sideline, “Got ‘Em Coach.”  All net.

From that day forward, I’ve been yelling at a pretend coach whenever I play.

Bury a jumper in your man’s face?  Got ‘Em Coach.

Pin a shot on the glass?  Got ‘Em Coach.

Order the perfect dinner off the menu?  Got ‘Em Coach.

Good in the morning, noon and night, for all your trash talking needs.