Kevin Durant’s Summer “Vacation”

From China to the Philippines, Rucker to D.C., Kevin Durant spent his long Summer stepping into the firmament of NBA superstars.  Arguably the league’s best scorer at the ripe old age of 22, the extra reps of Summer ball weren’t as important to Durant’s rising celebrity.  It was the barnstorming.

Of course, Durant couldn’t be the NBA’s future poster boy without the skills, but he seems to be taking care of that quite nicely, I might say.  It was hitting the streets, visiting the playgrounds, and playing in the small gyms that have taken the Oklahoma City forward from NBA All-Star to the People’s Champ.

Every single person lucky enough to see the long frame of Kevin Durant stride onto their home court, strapped with a uniform of backpack and headphones, is now invested in his future.  Fact is, I care about Durant more after watching him battle a heckler at the NIKE Pro-City game I attended.  That was the point of his global basketball tour (which isn’t even over yet).

Now, Kevin’s approachable.  Relatable.  He’s not just the guy on television.  You’ve seen him in your hometown.  You’ve watched him play for nothing.  You see his passion.

Make no mistake about it: whenever the NBA comes back, you’re going to tune in to see Kevin Durant, you’re going to check the Thunder’s record, and you’re going to hope to see his truly unique game in person.

If you were lucky enough to catch him this past Summer, you may well end up telling your children you saw one of the greatest to ever lace them up, play the game he loves, not in some gigantic arena with tens of thousands, but up close and personal.

That’s what happens when you’re The People’s Champ.


(photos: I Michael Stargill)