MUST WATCH:  President George W. Bush’s first pitch at the 2001 World Series

It’s Opening Day for the Yankees, which means I get to remember my favorite Yankee moment, and one of my favorite sports moments ever. 

The Yanks first game after 9/11 was actually at Comiskey Park in Chicago.  I know.  I was there.  I bought the tickets weeks before the game, and truthfully, when baseball came back on September 18th, I was a little scared to go.  Despite knowing my latent fear was exactly they wanted, it was there.  I spent a good share of the game looking up around the light stanchions.

I think everyone was a little afraid.  That’s what made President George Bush’s first pitch in Yankee Stadium at Game 3 of the 2001 World Series, so memorable.  Whether he was scared or not, you could never tell.  Bush walked straight out in front of New York City, told us all to stop being afraid, and threw a pitch right down the middle.

Politics aside, that’s f*cking badass.  Watch the game telecast below too, if for nothing else, just to hear the crowd.

What I never knew was the back story.  I suppose I assumed there was a back story, but who could imagine the back story in the video above.  I mean, what does one say to the President of the United States seven weeks after 9/11?  Derek Jeter told him, “Don’t bounce it.”

This story includes a bunch of my favorite things: America, New York City, New Yorkers, Derek Jeter, Derek Jeter trash talking President George Bush, and George coming up aces with the lights on.

I get chills every single time.