If you check the site every day, you know my stance on the Fall of the New Jersey Nets, and you know my stance on the profits of the National Basketball Association.

Despite both, I’ve decided to run post this for two reasons:

  1. I love design (despite having no formal training)
  2. I can’t let David Stern ruing #GotEmCoach

PROS:  I clearly like the black + white palette (take a look at my logo), and have used it in practically everything I’ve ever created or branded.  I like that the logo is clean and simple (I can’t stand OKC, ATL, MEM branding), and I hope the jerseys keep the same tone.  I like that they have multiple looks for their logo.

CONS:  They’ve gone nuts with the rap metaphors.  I suppose that “moves units” with the kiddos in this day and age, and certainly differentiates them a bit from the New York Knicks, but it’s a little cliché for me.  As I’m told, the logo was designed by Jay-Z (*cough* right *cough*), and while I enjoy Jay-Z, I need no more Jay-Z in my life.  Plus, some of their design borders on generic.  Let me quote The Basketball Jones’ Trey Kerby:

Literally nothing about these give you any hint that they are for an NBA team. These look like shirts you would buy from Old Navy for $5. City name, a letter and a basketball – that is a go-to generic t-shirt combination.

Old Navy, ya’ll.  (read the rest of his post here)

I generally like it, it’s certainly better than what they had, and I’m sure it will appeal to the youth of America, as well as the middle of the country that adores Brooklyn and has no idea how expensive it is to live there, but I still wish the fine people in New Jersey had their team.

(you can see more at the NBA store)