Okay, I’ve clearly gone insane.  After finding and posting this high school photo of Marc Gasol on twitter, I became obsessed with Heavy G, and went searching for even more.  I found this one, and this one (all courtesy of The Commercial Appeal), as well as this video.

But it didn’t stop there.  I remembered the Gasols have a younger brother, Adrià.

He reportedly picked up basketball late, but is still growing, and obviously comes from great stock.  He also clearly crushes Marc and Pau in the SWAG category.  Or the Swagtegory.  Listen, I don’t use the word “swag,” but it seemed especially appropriate for considering the photos above.

Adrià may or may not be on twitter (although @MarcGasol follows him), but if he is, he tweeted the following, which makes me want to hang out with him forever: