MUST WATCH:  Kobe and Kyrie Irving talk sh*t

Kobe bet Kyrie Irving $50,000 on a game of 1-on-1, then talked trash for “20+ minutes.”  The difference between Kobe talking trash and everyone else talking trash is that it’s clear to me that Kobe gets kind of angry at the assumption Kyrie Irving could beat him in a game of basketball.

Remember how, as kids, you’d wrestle with your brother, sister or friend, and invariably, it would reach that point where it all just got a little too real?  Somebody got serious, and somebody got hurt?  That’s Kobe’s life.  It’s all fun and jokes until Kobe starts to realize you actually think you can beat him, and then he starts really punching you in the leg out of anger.

The highlights include:

KOBE:  "You’re gonna tell your dad, ‘I’m trying to bet Kobe…I know I can beat him 1-on-1.  He’ll be like, ‘Son, are you crazy?’"

= = = = =

KYRIE: ”You have to guard. You have to guard.  You’re not gonna lock me up.  You’re NOT gonna lock me up.  It’s over.”

= = = = =

KYRIE: ”He thinks he’s talking to a high school kid.”

KOBE: ”You just came out of high school, kid!…You are a high school kid.  You just graduated.”

= = = = =

KOBE: ”You’re gonna need a pick to get me off you, son.”

= = = = =

KYRIE: ”You think you’re gonna be playing Lil’ Bow Wow?”

KOBE:  “You’re about the same size.”

(Last summer, Kobe beat Lil’ Bow Wow, unmercifully. [watch])

= = = = =

I actually like Kyrie Irving a lot more for challenging Kobe.  Somebody needs to step up to that bastard.  And before you go thinking Kobe would trounce him, click here to watch Kyrie do horrible things to Carmelo, Russell Westbrook, Eric Gordon, and the Mamba himself, during Team USA basketball practice from the other day.

Okay, Kobe would win, but still…